Custom Made Spa Covers

We offer custom spa covers to fit any spa! Starting at $299.


Old Covers Waste Energy

An energy efficient cover can nearly split your energy bill in half.  Now what this means, is on the flip side, a hot tub cover that is not  energy efficient can nearly double your energy bill which basically  translates to money down the drain, and in this economy, we need to cut  costs where we can. Think about all the essentials you can buy with the  $50, $75, or even $100 a month!


Worn Out Covers Get Heavy

Spa covers do not last forever, and after about five years, they will start to crack and tear. Once this starts, moisture gets inside the cover and not only does the foam loses its efficiency to retain heat. Covers can quickly gain weight and weigh nearly 100 pounds!

Spa Cover Services

Custom Measurement

Spa covers are all custom ordered. You can provide the dimensions of your spa to us. Or, for a $45 service fee, we will send a trained technician to measure your spa for you!

Delivery and Old Cover Removal

If you order a new spa cover from us, we will deliver it for free! Old spa cover removal/disposal is a $25 fee.


what do you need to order a spa cover?

Every spa or hot tub has a make and model, just like an automobile.  “Make” refers to the manufacturer of the spa, and “Model” is the name of  the spa. This is by far the easiest way to order a spa cover. If you don’t see  the Make and Model listed on the outside of the tub, open the service  panel to look inside for a placard or sticker. Or, if you have the  original spa invoice or owner’s manual or a brochure, this should also  give you the information needed.

We’ll also ask for the measurement of the existing spa cover skirt  length and strap length. The skirt is the material that hangs down to  help seal up the spa. Most skirt lengths are about 4″, but you can  specify, from 2 – 6 inches. The spa straps are sewn onto the skirt, and  these have clips that attach into buckles attached to the spa sides. 7  inches is standard, but you can specify longer or shorter spa straps. 

Foam Density is another selection to make. Denser foams hor heat  retention, and can resist damage more easily. Denser foam panels also  resist water absorption better than a foam with more air pockets. We  also have 3 Densities available – 1 lb. foam, 1.5 lb. foam and our 2 lb. foam density. 


Better yet, see us in person!

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